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Dear friends!

 Despite the rapid development of Internet technology, there are enough users, poorly represent the range of services provided by many Web Studios. So, let's try to deal with this issue. The first degree of popularity with customers and, naturally, is a service for creating sites. Target audience, ordering this service is quite extensive and varied: governmental structures and public organizations, industrial and commercial enterprises, Internet stores and ordinary bloggers. And if in search of clientele the majority of Web-studios have their own portals hosted on these forums or portfolio of professional Web masters, receiving the order of the State structure is accompanied by the obligatory participation in the tender.

 Consider directly the process of rendering services. Staff professional Web Studios begin to work on a project with a thorough analysis of the level of competition on the part of their own competitors and competitors of the customer. Based on the results of such monitoring formed the unique selling proposition, which aims at generating interest by the customer with the simultaneous detachment of possible competitors. Competently carried out preparatory work, including a clear positioning of each stage, the hallmark of any professional Web Studio. When the unique selling proposition is determined by the scheme of construction (structure) and the interface of the future Internet resource. Developed and agreed with the customer the technical design of your site. The site is filled with thematic material. From that moment the process enters a new phase, which actually describes another, equally a popular service provided by Web Studios-design sites. Professional designers develop the optimal color solution and the corresponding cluster styling Internet resource. This helps sites, not even with relevant complex selling items successfully and effectively ensure sales.