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10 ways to speed up indexing of your site

10 ways to speed up indexing of your site

Creating a new site, many webmasters are impatient to wait for it to be indexed. And even those who have a site already indexed, sometimes resent the slow indexing new pages. In order to expedite this process, you need to learn a few ways how to speed up indexing of your site.
How to speed up indexing?
Once the site is created, you need to, without losing time, register it in Webmaster Yandex and Google. It's positively affect indexing because this method notifies search engines about the creation of a new website and a search robot will be able to more quickly find the site and index its pages.
Site map or "Sitemap" is another important step that you need to perform. To create a site map quickly and correctly, you can use a custom plugin that will facilitate work. Site map help the robot to understand the structure of your site and seeing new appeared on the page.
Make a map for visitors. It is also important, as is the site map for the search robot. Thanks to this map visitor can easily find what they need and see all the articles that are on the site.
You need to write and publish articles regularly. Better if it will be every day. If so, then at least at least one article in 3 days.
Content must be unique. Not a unique article for nobody, neither readers nor search engines.
Work on good relink. It helps to promote all the pages in your site. To do this, place the text no more than three links to other entries. Through dedicated plugins at the end of the article you can put multiple entries labeled "related articles".
Link text should be interesting to the reader want to click on it and read the following article. This will help keep visitors on the site longer, what is also clearly affect the reputation of the site and to its further indexing.
Use every opportunity to tell about new articles. For example, you can do this by using the social networks. Vkontakte or Classmates is a wonderful playground where you can place the announcement of a new article with an interesting title. It will attract visitors and search engines, and are interested in.
Learn top blogs. Locate the site rated blogs put there your blog and get a permanent link. You can stay at sites such as blograte.ru, dobrobot.com, blogotop.info, etc.
Visit the site with a similar theme, comment on them and leave the link. Participate in the forums and advertise your site. So you learn quickly not only people, but also to search robots.

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