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Creating a website for your business. What to look for

Creating a website for your business. What to look for

Before you create your site, you just need to define the information that will be provided. After all, your website is your business card on the Internet.
The benefits of creating the site is primarily an information. No matter what it will be, above all, is what she will be collected in one place and that she needed people. Also, the site is an excellent opportunity to earn money. On your own site you can advertise their products and services. Use it as an advertising campaign so that you can attract more buyers. Promoting your site, you'll find more and more new customers. Well, the greatest advantage is that you can show yourself around the world.
What you need to know to create your own website?
Domain name. Ideally it should be associated with the content of the site itself.
Hosting server. To show your site in the Internet, you must select Internet hosting. In fact, the hosting server works on the principle of a hard disk. The cost of hosting from 150 rubles per month, and depends on the file of your website.
Software. A number of core Internet portals offer both pay and free software.
What you need to know about the design and usability of the site?
If you hire a designer, advance agree on style. In fact, it often happens that the taste of the site owner and designer does not match.
The design must be in harmony with the image of the company, with the content of the site.
Colours should not be more than three or four key colors. Excess leads to violation of harmony.
Must be a single, clear style. The text must match the illustrations.
Design should explain the basic direction of the site. The most important thing that a potential customer as long as you stayed on your site.
Correct structuring of the menu. It is also one of the main tasks. If a person is difficult to navigate on the website, it is, of course, leave it.

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