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Additional elements that bring colors in pages for beginners

Additional elements that bring colors in pages for beginners

Open and use the word can each, but think of how many people actually own the software? How many people can make an excellent structure with the appropriate text font, size, color, balloons and perenoskami? Unit. The situation is similar and with pages, learn what is html5 is one thing, but learning to use it is another. Here and now we will disassemble the elements of such a large system like html5 that will help move away from plain text frames on the page.
Sites can be an absolute different thematic focus, for example, you can create a website with mathematical formulas or site with specific text between the lines (literally subscript text), then you need the special items: sub and sup
Tag sup or less known is responsible for creating the superscript superscript text, that is, for example, when in a chemical formula, you need to make a top ratio or when you need to top figures denote annotations to material. He closes.
Tag sub or less known to us suberscript. Without it you cannot place the text below the line, you have a subscript. Like his brother, he is also closed.
In order for you all remember, secure with a sample that you followed me write in notepad ++, or at worst in Notepad.

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <meta charset="ANSI">
 <title>How to improve your memory</title>
 <h1>Chemistry: basic formula course.</h1>
 <p>The main substances, which provide the basis of vital functions<br>
 person are: H<sub>2</sub> (hydrogen) and O<sub> 2</sub> (oxygen)<br>

See how easy it can be to write any content, if you approach this thoroughly.
All you probably before here reached have already explored certain basics and know that the structure transfers without the br does not work in the browser, and remains only in the document. But there is a magic tag pre, which helps save any text structure, you could only set. Tag is closed, it is very important to remember.
To check it out to the main structure in the p tag after any text, write the following:

 For i = 10

But there is one important point, if you propisyvaete it in Notepad ++, there may be an additional derogation, which is in the original document. In order to correct the press “shift + tab” several times on the line and additional indenting will not.


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