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Finding information on the Internet

Finding information on the Internet

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can easily find any information: from municipal councils to the scientific and popular literature. To search the desired Web pages exist specifically designed sites-search engines. The most common of them is Yandex, Rambler, Google, etc.
To find the information you need in the search box, specify keywords.
The database search engine generates a list of links to Web pages. The more times the used keywords on a page, the higher its position in the list. However, this method does not always lead to speedy and effective receipt of the result. I.e., frequent use of keywords on the page still does not indicate the content of the information.
Search engine Google is organized somewhat differently. Take into consideration the importance of Web pages, regardless of the number of links to them from other sites. This method of ranking list found Web pages makes search better.
There is an opportunity to narrow the results of an advanced search, showing the location of publication time, the language in which the Web page is written.

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