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Harmful and useful social networking

Harmful and useful social networking

last.fm-a social network to search for music artists. Adaptation interface allows easy navigation among links. Its essence lies in the fact that, on the basis of certain favorite musical groups or soloists, all new user taste, respectively. Specify a favorite group you can manually on your personal page. Also on favorite artists site learns using Home Media Player, where information is loaded on the tracks heard.
livelib.ru. Using this social network easily find all new and new literary works. The Web service will help you choose the right books to read, get acquainted with information about the authors and readers. That is, the site is not intended for useless burning time and for spiritual and intellectual growth.
vk.com. This social network is designed to communicate with other users. Basically, the inhabitants of the CIS countries. Its advantage is the continuous improvement of technology and ease of interface. The site is easy to use even for a novice. More often than not, a pastime Vkontakte has a negative impact on users, especially to teenagers. Arises the inescapable bondage, desire to spend on the Internet as much as possible the time, refusal to communicate live. However, it is worth noting that this social network will help you easily find classmates old friends, long lost contacts. And some users are finding ways to make using the site vk.com.
facebook.com. Before this site enjoyed more popularity. Appeared earlier than Openid, it was well organized, held the top spot in the ranking of social networks. But now Facebook has a number of significant shortcomings. Firstly, lack of online play media. Secondly, the vastness of the superfluous and unnecessary information to the news feed. Thirdly, the complexity of the interface: a great number of buttons, sliders and links is driven into a stupor of inexperienced users. And finally, fourth, the decline in the popularity of the site because of the use of other social networks.
twitter.com. Among the benefits of the site, you can select multiple items. Firstly, the ability to quickly share important news and upcoming events. Secondly, you can read useful information, quotes, different texts. But in General, most people use the social network as a way to write any action performed during the day, which makes Twitter is absolutely useless.


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