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How to make money on your website

How to make money on your website

The problem: you have a website, but you don't know its spin (or don't want to-it's the same thing). How do you earn money on this site? How to get it to bring any money?
Don't despair, you can do this easily. To start you need to get your site indexed in the search engines Yandex, Rambler and Google, and to do that you just have to put in a few links from other sites (blogs, forums, social networks) that are indexed by the search engines (to determine which site where indexed, you can use the popular and free site-auditor "). After some time, your website will start visiting search engine spiders, and later it will be indexed. As soon as it appears in the index Yandex, Google or others think that he is ready to bring you profit, and visit his people, or do not attend-it is not important. For example, a small website theme consisting of 20-40 pages and does not have the time no credibility indicators (i.e. his TIC and PR simply zero) will nonetheless bear his master from 500 rubles per month, or more. Such a relatively small amount, certainly not top of your dreams, but all expenses for domain and hosting it pays back. For this purpose it is enough to use the services of exchanges for buying and selling links, such as the Sape, MainLink or Xap. However, it is a little подсуетиться and make some arrangements for lifting TIC and PR metrics to those values that will differ from zero, and then your profits will increase immediately at times. So you can make your website tens, hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.

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