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Internet, important word in our life, for each it means its. For others it is a way of communicating to someone this work, someone thinks the Internet is way fun. But almost nobody thinks about what is actually meant by the word Internet. Let's start with the fact that the Internet appeared in 1969 year thanks to research of the Ministry of Defense of the United States and initially looked like multiple computers connected by a telephone cable, made only for military purposes. After a while, the Internet became available to multiple universities and research centers with contact with the Ministry of defence. Thanks to the World Wide Web, WWW us habitual Internet became more accessible and understandable to the general public. Over time, the number of computers in the connection grew in scale, houses, streets, cities, countries and soon made his way in almost every home our world. Winning hearts as a means of communication, entertainment, education and work.
Nowadays the Internet has replaced us television, telephones, radio, newspapers. In fact, everything you need can be obtained from the Internet. Also thanks to the Internet you can make any purchases, share any information, even in the case of the need to earn money and all this without leaving home. And that's not to mention the use of the Internet in education, is a huge Bank of information where you can find a lot of answers to any of the questions that interest you. Today people with a computer microphone and video camera, talk to each other, seeing each other on the screen. Not all but many people use the Internet for dating, new business relationships, searching for the second half. Certainly, there are those for whom the Internet has become a hobby. In General, the question that is the Internet each responds differently, and every answer will be to your right. Just as many of us would say that lately the Internet heavily beaten any dirt, rubbish. Much of this depends on the desire to make money on the Internet or be the owner of your site, share with the world what information does not merit attention. Downloading the same information at different sites by copying it with others, including files. Certainly, this problem unceasingly, but still cluttered Internet users much more than Internet users do not create junk. How much time each spent on the Internet does not forget about the real world.


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