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Exactly so looks like tracing paper with English words. In English writing, it will look like a "click". Such a Word is indicated by switching user on a specific link on a site or page of SERPS.
Number of clicks for a specific period of time is an important indicator of the success of the site.
How are clicks?
To account for referrals made using different software tools that are classified into two groups.
In the first fall software counters. The site is usually placed a small piece of code and software on hosting counts visitors.
The second is the system of remote counting and display dynamics of attendance of a site online. In Runet best known for this kind of system Yandex metrics and Liveinternet.
Both options lead counter display and Statistics analysis effectively, but not always accurately. The accuracy of the significant impact the technical realization of counting systems, resulting in statistics in different systems is usually different.
Therefore, statistics-estimate. But it can be applied effectively enough. If the attendance of the resource and viewing its pages depth increases-means policy and promotion strategy chosen correctly.
And vice versa. If attendance fell twice, is not very important, decreased with counter 1000 per day to 500 or 470 to 940. An urgent need to take measures to remedy the situation.
The general trend is important and when measuring the same counter, you can track accurately.
Monetization opportunities
Clicks or referrals from site to site, you can effectively monetize-make real money. Systems selling-buying traffic there is quite a lot.
Webmaster of the popular resource places banners with links or directly link to another resource. And for every move gets a certain amount of money. When a large number of visitors even price of $ 0.1 per conversion can grow into a very attractive figure.

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