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Personal upgrade: Make yourself a brand

Personal upgrade: Make yourself a brand

Use the channels that are most convenient for you: e-mail, forums, personal blogging, social networks, etc. d. Most importantly, everything comes from you must meet the mood and content of your personal brand, otherwise such communication would be little different from the friendly chatter "for life". Moreover, such attributes as a signature brand in email, business cards and other personal office must be are branded under you is important in color, decor, even the inclination of letters. For example, Feng Shui specialists recommend ambitious people write their name in the signature only capital letters and avoid tilt letters to the left and tilt rows down.
Delivery of gasoline.
If you are still asking yourself what this is all marketing, branding and stuff, because life and so difficult and not too generous for joy, the answer is simple and convincing. Personal brand is ourselves, or rather, an improved version, which incorporates and Lolita best in us. Be such in real life — isn't mean to be happy?

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