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Attraction of new clients (losing)

Attraction of new clients (losing)

Every business is losing customers. This is the nature of work in the fast emerging market arena where the choice galore suggestions and customer satisfaction are difficult to maintain. While some businesses see loss of customers at the end of the world, smart use failure as a way of learning and improvement.
All the power of refusing a simple rules.
If you have the ability to track customers who have left or are ready to leave you, the easiest way to learn about your mistakes is to interact with them and find out the cause of their discontent. You can send a form that contains one simple question, if possible. If you deal directly with clients, polite phone call can help you find out why they are dissatisfied. In some situations, simply talking enough to bring the client back into the fold.
Social networks are also your friend
If you've built a relationship through tweets and posts on Facebook, just turn to clients, working with your brand. Do not hesitate, that clients leave, they will probably leave a Tweet or post on Facebook. Use these opportunities to discover what could go wrong, and make suggestions to customers who could simply change their minds.
Be professional
Don't ask, although some customers simply are ready to work on. Don't take it to heart. Every professional at any cost will try to look good, even if it is difficult. And if a client angry or irrational, and you can't understand why does not exclude its role in this, not looking at the facts.
Carefully check their actions in the run-up to the incident. Can you highlight any point where you or your employees acted improperly with respect to the customer? You changed your third-party vendor, your software has received updates your clients just can't get to the site? And if you recently changed, changed the quality of your product or service, what was the result?
Keep track of your failures
Forget why clients leave is the worst sin. Follow all incidents in which clients turned away. Look at the trends and when you find them, please make sure that after the implementation of the decision, the problem does not occur again.
We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. But business is ready to look at ourselves honestly and make changes if necessary, this will help with most likely to withstand any storm and win the race.

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