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How much is one client? And if wholesale?

How much is one client? And if wholesale?

The effectiveness of PPC advertising
How fast to move the site to the top without going through a long path of search engine optimization? For those who wants to be the first lines of the here and now, there is a service of contextual advertising.
Working principle of contextual advertising
The user sees a contextual advertising only when it enters a query. For example, the user types: "buy a carburetor. At the same time with the results organic search it displays advertisements on its subject of interest:
A key feature of search advertising is its relevance to the user. So it looks not organically make callous "eye.
Price question
You pay for the number of clicks on the site. Price for one click depends on several parameters: query popularity, rubric, geographical location. Lowest price in Yandex-30 kopecks per shift (i.e. over 1 000 rub. You can buy more than 3 330 target conversions!).
Calculate the advertising budget for your product/service will help specialists authorized advertising agency 1PS.RU.
Where you can place contextual advertising?
There are several systems for displaying search advertising:
Yandex Direct. Allows you to place advertising on Yandex.
Google AdWords. The second most popular service display contextual ads, works with the Google search engine.
Runner. Advertising displayed on search pages Rambler, Mail, Google and Yahoo.
How is contextual advertising campaign?

  • Everything begins with an analysis of the business as a whole is score competition, identify product/service characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and, most importantly, the selection of the target audience, taking into account the interests which develop the campaign.
  • Next selected list of key requests on which your ads appear.
  • Written texts ads. The number of characters is limited: the size of the header in the Yandex-33, 25, Google text ads-77 and 70 characters, respectively. Do not write at random: the text must attract attention and be informative.
  • Assigned rate per click is determined by the position of the ads, scheduled to approximate the advertising budget. When all the settings are ready-go and run a campaign.
  • Advertising goes, but it does not mean that all need to let take its course. Analyze user behavior and number of clicks. After analyzing the statistics, you can change the keywords or text ads to improve the result.

Development of contextual advertising campaign requires special skills. If you do not want to risk the budget-please contact an authorized advertising agencies. Launch and develop a campaign really for three days. More can be read here.
And can I save?
You can. What do you want?

  • Specify the region. You are selling a product, why do you need to broadcast the ad in Russia? Geo-targeting will not only help reduce rates, but also increase the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Use temporary placements. If your company provides services at certain times, it makes sense to set the interval display ads.
  • Remember about negative keywords. Make a list of words that should not be present on your key request. For example, you are the owner of a driving school and offer to go driving instruction. Obviously, you do not need the users coming to the site for "buy a driving school.

And what we get as a result?
Contextual advertising with the right approach-magic wand for those who want to get the fastest sales growth. It aims to target customers and ensures the popularization of your resource.
Ordering the search advertising, you literally buy customers, and wholesale. To be sure, that advertising will give 100% result contact only authorized advertising agency.
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