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Crisis and business on the Internet. How it affects him?

It is important to know that crisis reigns in our country, but despite this, it should be noted that many people have found a way out of the situation, and they have a long history of work in the Internet, with a nice earning. Читать далее…

How to live in other countries of the world

On our planet there are enough interesting places to get it would be interesting to everyone. Each country has its own traditions, its own traditions, its own kitchen, lifestyle and much more. Everywhere live differently, and it would be very interesting to know the peculiarities of life in countries around the world. Traveled the globe is unlikely, but thanks to the Internet to learn about life on other continents will be very simple. Читать далее…

Who delivers the Internet?

In fact, the Internet is a network of multiple computers are interconnected and investing in her information a part of yourself. It does not exist as an organization or a single supplier. This link between millions of computers located on the entire planet Earth. Almost every Republic on the globe contributes to the development of world wide web presence of own Web-servers. Special devices help "map" and to control access to servers. These special devices manage Internet-addressable resources. But much-Internet work depends on these devices? Читать далее…


Internet, important word in our life, for each it means its. For others it is a way of communicating to someone this work, someone thinks the Internet is way fun. But almost nobody thinks about what is actually meant by the word Internet. Let's start with the fact that the Internet appeared in 1969 year thanks to research of the Ministry of Defense of the United States and initially looked like multiple computers connected by a telephone cable, made only for military purposes. After a while, the Internet became available to multiple universities and research centers with contact with the Ministry of defence. Thanks to the World Wide Web, WWW us habitual Internet became more accessible and understandable to the general public. Over time, the number of computers in the connection grew in scale, houses, streets, cities, countries and soon made his way in almost every home our world. Winning hearts as a means of communication, entertainment, education and work. Читать далее…

Finding information on the Internet

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can easily find any information: from municipal councils to the scientific and popular literature. To search the desired Web pages exist specifically designed sites-search engines. The most common of them is Yandex, Rambler, Google, etc.
To find the information you need in the search box, specify keywords. Читать далее…