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Basic beginner mistakes Web-masters

Website creation-the responsible thing, so if you are a beginner in this field, you should familiarize yourself with all the details and nuances of this issue, and only then will it be possible to get to work. Of course, newcomers often commit serious mistakes, creating a site, and the fact that they do not listen to the advice of experienced people. Читать далее…


Exactly so looks like tracing paper with English words. In English writing, it will look like a "click". Such a Word is indicated by switching user on a specific link on a site or page of SERPS.
Number of clicks for a specific period of time is an important indicator of the success of the site. Читать далее…

Visit-card website

In us economic conditions when average and small business everything in large quantities moves on a virtual basis, providing goods and services in the world competition starts Putin's. Certainly, Web site development for a company or own commercial Web resource has become a breeding ground for the work of hundreds of real-world businesses. Читать далее…

Professional development website


One of the main steps to pledge the success of a website is its proper representation, because the first impression often plays a decisive role in how will the visitor into clients. For these purposes and intended website that displays basic information about the company, services or proposed product, as well as detailed information on how to contact and make an order. The success of Internet resource and, of course, total profit will depend on correct drafting and filling of the site, so we need to all think carefully consider all the options.

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About the benefits of your own site

Most people wonder: what can be useful for your own Web site? Certainly, at first glance it seems that the benefits from such sites. However, more modern people to strive for their creation and there are weighty arguments.

Own website, for example, can provide the visitor with complete information about the company (details, addresses, contact information). Today personal website-this is the most common way of advertising services.

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