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Web design: basic issues and user orientation

Web design: basic issues and user orientation

Touching on the topic of web design, to discuss similar issues arise. No matter what it is, disputes between users and owners of the site, or web designer, convincing the customer the appropriateness of this type for the site is repeatedly raised questions, consisting of:
-needs of the designer and the hopes of ordinary users;
-balance between the forms and functions of the site;
-quality of performance;
-ratio of old traditions and innovation.
Even professionals specializing in commercial graphics for a fashion "sites-booklet" must find the fine line between visualization and communication function. This begs the key question is whether design website design on an ordinary user or focus on the designer?
User orientation
One common problem that encompasses web design, is a constant target of inexperienced users, unfortunately. The most common mistake is that often the sites are created to meet the needs of the designer, rather than users. Do not forget one important rule-designer not the user.
If a web designer when you create the site understands how things are with him, and that where, an ordinary user first hitting on site, just lost. The designer himself aware of all the information-exactly how to install plugins, optimal screen resolution, browser settings, and more. Based only on personal visualizations, you can easily confuse users of the site.
Then, judging from the logic would suggest that users consult it would be a good solution. This begs the second rule-users are not designers. Not every user has at least some idea about website design. It would be foolish to allow tenants to design a new home, based on the fact that they live in houses.
In view of all the above, we can say with confidence that the key to a successful site design will be the designer's constant desire to put themselves in the place of the future user. There is even a term that definition-User-centered design, i.e. Design, focused on the user. Constant control of attendance of a site displays an interest in the resource users, would also be a good idea to conduct a survey on innovation in design.

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Обновлено: 30.11.2016