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Which sites should not buy links

Which sites should not buy links

Often external optimization involves buying links on other sites, but there are Web projects, acquiring links that do not bring almost no benefit. How to determine the resources with which it is not worth to cooperate?
There is a list of the grounds on which it is possible to calculate Web projects, promoted not too honest methods. Let's take a look at these features.

  • Counters. Owners of untrusted Web sites often use a variety of cunning manipulation with counters. In particular, all known Liveinternet may be a sign of trustworthiness. However, the fact is that the information collected by the service, often gets to search engines, and they in turn take into account behavioural factors visited share visitors, and if the user reaction to the newly opened Web site was negative, the project would lose its place in the SERP. To avoid this, some administrators stick on their resources page a normal picture instead of the counter code. As a result, creates a sensation as if the owner had established in good faith on its share count, which means that the site can be trusted. Be sure to check whether the item for purchase links site statistics services, whose logos are found on the page.
  • Domains. Sometimes you may come across websites, domain names which have no relevance to the subject of the resource. Most often, this means that the domain was bought due to any performance or availability of it in white catalogs. Such projects are not reliable, and to cooperate with them.
  • Price. If you link to a website called too low price, it is likely that you are trying to offer a pad, violating rules set by search engines. In the end you give their, albeit small, money, but the results will not see.
  • Updatable. If you notice that the location where you would like to purchase a link for a very long time not updated news, publications, etc., chances are, you're a platform for earning money, instead of the NLL. This means that any positive results buying links on this site.

About the choice of sites for buying links with maximum attention and thoroughness, otherwise you risk to invest their money into the void.

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