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Who delivers the Internet?

Who delivers the Internet?

In fact, the Internet is a network of multiple computers are interconnected and investing in her information a part of yourself. It does not exist as an organization or a single supplier. This link between millions of computers located on the entire planet Earth. Almost every Republic on the globe contributes to the development of world wide web presence of own Web-servers. Special devices help "map" and to control access to servers. These special devices manage Internet-addressable resources. But much-Internet work depends on these devices?
Paul Mockapetris invented the domain name system, which facilitates work with network addresses. When we go on any site computer requests network access to it via a DNS server provided by your ISP. If the response from the DNS server was not followed, the computer forwards the request to the server level higher and so on until a request does not reach the root servers. Root server give the coordinates of the highest levels in the network domain, such as COM, ORG, NET, EN, etc. These domains are the most elephants and a turtle, which keeps everything Internet-space, and allow us to see it the way we actually see. If these domains were not, then Internet use would be far more complicated. Because of them we write in the navigation panel does not direct the IP address of the site and its name. For example, instead of yandex.ru need to type: "". Far more complicated. Do not remember the address, at least not the first time or would have had to constantly record on paper. DNS is an Internet directory. When you request from any device connected to the Internet the certain site DNS to find the IP address of the site in its database and connects you with the host you want. The site name is changed to the digit of the IP address, but you do not see since it happens instantly. The world's 13 root servers, which is the base of domain names, servers located around the world. The system does not have a single Center and this means that it is harder to poražaema network attacks. Server with different names of the sites are located in different countries and continents of the world, but four of them are located near each other in the State of California in the United States, i.e. in a single Republic.

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